Nuance’s Nina Platform Adds Speech Recognition to Smartphones

Nuance’s Nina Platform Adds Speech Recognition to Smartphones

If you have ever wanted to have conversation with the mobile banking services on your Android or iphone devices, you soon may get the chance. If you want your phone to understand instructions and commands, just like Apple’s Siri, which is quite different from all unusual since it recognizes the person you’re actually speaking to.

Nuance, the speech recognition and technology company, which is best known for its Dragon dictation on iPhone and naturally speaking voice apps on PCs, today announced new platform, Nina, which is aimed at improving customer service applications with a SIRI voice control software.

Nuance calls ‘Nina’ as a virtual supporter for mobile phone customer service application and as promised by the company, it’s now being offered as an SDK for Apple and Android developers to have as a feature in their own products. It combines speech recognition with voice biometrics, text-to-speech, and understanding of the natural language; it is the first app that places as much of importance on understanding what the speakers have actually said. Nina is the watershed advancement for the automated customer service filed, as it not only brings the actual associate directly to the app, but also raises the bar through its language understanding and interactive dialog.

Nina-powered apps work in a similar fashion as other voice recognition apps and require a network interlinking to function. The company has focused much on the natural language navigation with a common plate of phrases or words and can be identified by speech recognition apps and allow users to signify to the app what they want to do in any way that they want it.

Though the current app demonstrates the recognition of generic female voice, Robert Weideman, Nuance Enterprise Division executive vice president says Nina will be able to select from forty different voices for the final integration. Nuance’s approach was to offer a prebuilt software developer kit to make the apps easier to use. iOS and Android users can get to see the first chunk of the new app soon as it’ll be hitting their respective marketplace this fall.

The company has rolled all cloud-based services, insurance providers, banks, and other companies, who make account access and customer service applications so that they can add all of them into Nina. Nuance has teamed up with USAA financial services to release a test version of the app later this month. The full demonstration of the Nina-powered USAA app is expected to arrive earlier next year.


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