A good salary is only one measure of a “good job“.

But it’s often the huge deciding factor when you’re making future career decisions.

With this in mind, the following tech jobs are set to be some of the best paying in 2017. Prepare your eyes to water.

Just in case you do decide to pursue one of these lucrative paths, we’ve included a few links to resources and courses that’ll help you pursue those tech careers.

Chief Technology Officer ($147,500 — $229,000)

Tech Office

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) doesn’t have a clear job description. Their main role is to oversee the technology within an entire organization. They must view the organization’s current technology from a practical stance. And they must make crucial technological decisions that support the goals of the company.

If you love technology, have great people skills, and want to develop technological and business knowledge, this could be a long-term aspiration for you. Unfortunately, there’s no set career path. You need to develop the experience, skills, and personal attributes required, along with opening yourself up to as many opportunities and people as possible.

Senior Web Developer ($111,250 — $154,000)

Developer Desk

A Senior Web Developer is more than a glorified Web Developer. They are the ones who have proven their worth in the trenches with tenacious team management skills and ideas that solve big problems.

As a Senior Web Developer, you’ll oversee the development of large-scale websites or web applications. Tasks include user analysis, designing UX and UI wireframes, recommending solutions to clients, managing schedules and teams, and ensuring deadlines.

Mobile App Developer ($115,250 — $175,750)

Developer At Work

With the mobile industry bursting at the seams, the demand for Mobile Application Developers is huge. This is exactly why developers with mobile specializations can demand such high compensation for their work.

Help organizations succeed by utilizing mobile to its full potential. Employers will be scrambling over each other for you to help them in this marketplace.

Big Data Engineer ($129,500 — $183,500)

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers collect the right data so Analysts and Data Scientists can use this data. They work with systems architects to build, maintain, and test big data solutions. They create large scale processing systems, and understand how data can be stored.

Without these engineers, Data Scientists wouldn’t have any data to work from. As an expert in Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, you’ll be a desirable hire for companies looking to make use of Big Data.

Data Scientist ($109,000 — $153,750)

Data Scientists

“Data Scientist” is a broad job title, largely synonymous with “Data Analyst”. The responsibilities involve techniques to gain valuable insights from many different kinds of data. For you to do well, business acumen will be extremely handy.

It’s a multi-faceted job, often starting with studies in Computer Science. The role itself will require you to get to grips with statistics, data modeling, analytics, math, data wrangling, and data visualization among many other skills.

Network Architect ($120,000 — 175,000)

Network Architect

The people who design computer and telecoms networks/systems are “Network Architects”. Very roughly, these architects plan blueprints of complex networks that perform as needed. Once those designs are completed, these networks are then (usually) created by Network Engineers ($96,000 – $138,750).

The usual route Network Architecture is a degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. There are other civil routes into the profession, too. With the relevant qualifications, you’ll be required to work as an engineer (in the field) for a number of years, before turning your hands to architecture.


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