The Best Places To Start Your Career In India

The Best Places To Start Your Career In India

Everyone wonders where they should start their career after completing their graduation. There are so many options. What should you fill as your preference when applying for a job in a multinational company? There are many things to consider. Is the city for which you apply is what you want your living city to be like? Is the office or the company in a city how you want it to be? Will you be able to easily commute to your office?

All these questions can be grouped into one. Which place to start your career from? Here is the list of cities that host a majority of India’s companies and have all the amenities and conveniences that you could dream of. These are the best places to start your career in India.

  1. Bengaluru: A study states that Bengaluru’s average median salary is about 6 lakh rupees per annum and the growth rate of credit is almost 29%. About 70% engineering students consider this city to start their career from. Bengaluru is one of the leading cities in IT infrastructure in the entire country, which makes it clear why most of the people prefer to start their careers from Bengaluru.
  2. Delhi: It is the capital of the country and the average median salary here is about Rs5 Lakh per annum. About 32% students consider Delhi to start their careers according to a research. It is the commercial hub of India and the first place to get hands-on experience in technology, making it a popular point to start from.
  3. Hyderabad: Famous for its IT sector with huge companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google in its backyard, Hyderabad is yet another promising place to start. With a bout Rs5 Lakh per annum median salary and 10% growth rate, the city is filled with opportunities.  30% people in the survey selected Hyderabad as well. So, it is an excellent starting point as well.
  4. Mumbai: Mumbai is the city of dreams. The living cost is exceptionally high here, but when it comes to opportunities, Mumbai compensates really well. The median salary here is Rs5 Lakh per annum and about 20,000 jobs open for freshers every year. Therefore, Mumbai is a great place to begin your journey.
  5. Chandigarh: This city is the telecommunications hub of India. Here, the median salary is Rs5.5 Lakhs per annum and in the entire city, about 22% people have earnings of more than Rs10 Lakh per annum. This makes jobs in Chandigarh very promising and inviting to freshers.

Now that you know the most prominent cities of India, feel free to mark them as your preference choice. Do remember that each and every city is famous for something, but the basic amenities and needs are fulfilled in all of them. Therefore, prioritize your preferences according to the specialties of the cities.


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